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    Do you like Irish music, song, dance and story?  If the answer is yes, then CELTIC FLAMES is the show for you.  This spectacular show highlights the many and varied aspects of Irish culture in a colourful, action-packed two and a half hour performance - the vigour of the dance, the beauty of the songs, the humour and pathos of the writing, the power of the music - all presented in a beautifully choreographed production with an authentic and contemporary feel.      

    The show is educational and emotional; happy and sad; humorous and serious; but above all it is unforgettably entertaining and heart warming.  So whether it is a nostalgic trip back to your Irish youth, an exploratory look at your ancestral ways or just a personal love of or interest in Irish culture, this show is for you.


    Celtic Flames are pleased to announce the following concerts for 2017:-
    Thursday March 16th An Taibhdhearc Galway Tickets: 091 563600/ 087 7621699
    Saturday August 12th Town Hall Westport Tickets: 098 28549/ 087 7622699
    Friday August 25th An Taibhddhearc Galway TicTickets: 086/2522280/ 087 6749079/ 086/6003151



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